Sisterhood is one of the main reasons many women join a sorority. In Zeta Tau Alpha our sisterhood is a time for sisters to get together and enjoy each other’s company. We put a great emphasis on sisterhood, because it is a time where sisters can get away from the stress of school and create a deeper bond with other sisters whether it is taking a trip to Starbucks, celebrating our chapter’s birthday, spending time at the pumpkin patch in the fall, or going to a drive-in movie with our sisters. We have fun wherever we go, not because of the places we go, but because of the company of our sisters. We enjoy a variety of Sisterhoods like relaxing with a Yoga Class, going out to eat Mexican food, or an afternoon under the sun for a pool day. Sisterhood is one of major components that links sisters together and keeps our friendships fun, fresh, and full of excitement.   


ZTA Director of Sisterhood @ AUM; Theta Nu



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