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Having the opportunity to take on philanthropy as a new member gave me a whole new reason to love my chapter! Philanthropy is so much more than bake sales and ribbons in October, it's about being apart of something bigger than our chapter and Zeta Tau Alpha in general. It's about giving up your time to help those in our communities who need our help.Being the person in charge of philanthropy and behind the scenes this year has given me a love for Zeta that I wouldn't have otherwise. I get to see our chapter from a different perspective, I see the hard work we put into raising money, the energy into educating those around us, and all of us coming together for a good cause. My love for zeta grew so much over the last 6 months because of my love for our philanthropy, it's hard to be consumed by service and not feel a connection to it! Im so glad my sisters and advisors gave me the opportunity to take on this position because I've been able to grow so much in our chapter and as a person because of it! 


Annah Reese Nivens //
Zeta Tau Alpha 
Philanthropy Chair


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